Unable to stream videos over 1G from 32G Flash Drive on iOS 8

The product has worked wonderfully for me with the exception of trying to stream movies over 1gig.  They remain in a “Loading” state.  I have waited upwards of a half an hour.  These files work fine streaming to my Android phone, but when streaming to iPad they do not load.  I have successfuly streamed files up to 800Mb, but am unable to do anything larger than 1G.

I have updaded to the latest firmware, and verified there are no pending updates to the app on the device.  Any ideas?



if they work on andriod but not iphone my first thought would be file type. The WFD does not decode the file so you you can only play supported files types of the mobile device you are using. iOS has a more limited codec support than android so not all files that play on android will play on an iOS device. 

also what bit rate are the movies you are trying to play? This device maxes out at about 6Mb/s so any large hidef files will have buffering issues. 

I’m not sure on the bitrate, but I used the same software to rip all of the files.  These files have all played fine when they reside directly on the ipad.  

Thanks for the response.

I’ve been unable to resolve these particular files.  I re-ripped them into a lower resolution format and got the files down to about 500MB.  They play fine now.