Unable to run SecureAccess in WINE

I am running WINE in Kubuntu 14.04 and when trying to run SanDiskSecureAccessV3_win.exe, I get ‘The application only runs on a SanDisk flash drive’.


did you try to save the application inside the flash drive and try again?

That’s where I’m running it from.

It’s possible the Wine USB driver isn’t recognized by SecureAccess.  You could see if there is a windows XP Sandisk driver you could add to your Wine system.

Probably easier to find a friend with a Windows pc and do the upgrade there.  Of course there is no quarantee the updated app will run in Wine.  If you’re encrypting the drive with encryptstick why bother with SecureAccess?

I started with SecureAccess then decided to install Encryptstick.