Unable to open Sandisk Cruzer Switch Flash drive

Whenever I try to open Sandisk Cruzer Switch Flash drive, gets a message that needs to Format the drive. When I try to format it says Unable to complete the format. I tried formatting with Disk management but didnt help. Also, I downloaded that software to recover data from sandisk website with no help.

What to do? Do we need to replace the Flash drive?

Ankit Khurana

Try running CHKDSK on the drive, it may help.  Otherwise I think you may need to replace it.  Good luck. 

I think this might be defective. Was this unit dropped by any chance? I hope this is still under warranty.

If you get “cannot be format” with your flash drive on three computers, don’t try other methods anymore, just call sandisk and ask them for a replacement. There is no method to fix a flash drive which cannot be formatted on three computers. So, don’t waste your own time on helpless trying.