Ultra USB

Garbage. Junk. Useless. Waste of money.Moronic concept. Poorly executed. Over complicated a simple tool. All I needed was a flash drive to backup some files and this p.o.s. is so complicated and unresponsive, it is virtually useless. I used to be a SanDisk fan, but if you guys are going to keep this up, I’ll have to find a more user friendly media. You really dropped the ball on this one. Lumberjacks don’t try brain surgery, you shouldn’t attempt software. You’re idiots, just make blank flash drives. you are too stupid to do anything else.


i understand that you used the Secure Access software with the drive to backup the files. Please be informed that you can delete the software because its not needed to transfer the files into the drive. So just format the drive to be empty and then copy and paste the files you want to backup inside the drive.

So just format the drive to be empty

FYI  It is not necessary to format the drive to remove the few SecureAccess files & folders and risk changing the blocksize and their alignment on the drive.