Ultra Flair USB 3.0

A fairly new Ultra Flair flash drive has suddenly been corrupted insofar as it can’t be read on either of the laptops we’ve tried it on. Does anyone know how we can recover the data from it?

Try a different computer or USB port: The first thing to try is to connect the flash drive to a different computer or use a different USB port. Sometimes the problem may be due to a faulty port or compatibility with a particular system.
Use a different data recovery program: There are many data recovery programs that can help you retrieve information from a corrupted drive. Some popular options include Recuva, TestDisk, PhotoRec, and EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. Try using one of these programs by following the instructions on how to install and use them.
Contact a data recovery professional: If you can’t recover the data yourself, or if the damage to your flash drive seems serious, it is recommended that you contact a data recovery professional. They have the specialized equipment and skills to recover information from damaged drives. However, it is worth considering that such services can be expensive.