USB flash drive cannot be accessed for dropping

Have you ever dropped your USB flash drive inadvertently? I did that last weekends. Now, my USB flash drive cannot be accessed right now. It always asked me to format when trying to open it on my computer. But, there were still some videos that were useful for my business meeting. Need your help to get them back. Please, help me. Thank you very much! 

I don’t know why you have not backed up all your important USB flash drive on another drive well in advance. But, I hope you can learn a lesson to back it up from now on.

And then, as to your inaccessible files there, stop writing new data on this USB flash drive and scan it with data recovery software to see whether all your lost stuffs could be restored. 

There are many similar data recovery programs that can help you do that.

Here are some articles that can help you know more about data recovery programs:

I hope you can find a proper one there according to your own needs.

In the future, no matter what happens, never forget to back up all important data on separate places. 

If the files are important to you I recommend taking it to a local tech repair shop, one that can solder chips.

As a desperate effort try putting it in the freezer overnight then try it before it warms up.

Good luck.

In my experiences, you have two ways to go on:

1). Rescue all these lost data back with data recovery software.

If you’ve not rewritten this partition, you do have chances to get back lost data with data recovery software. Many similar data recovery tools online can be your choices.

Read more information of data recovery here:

2). Rescue your data with data recovery company.

Of course, if any data recovery software cannot make a difference, some professional data recovery companies could be the place you can get some useful help. But, it may also cost a lot. Just do it when the lost data is really very, very important to you.

Since this stopped working after it was purposely dropped, this is a hardware issue and I’m afraid you have a dead stick already.