Ultra Fit USB 3.0: Excessive Heat

Yes, this problem has existed since 2014 perhaps.

I have a SanDisk Ultra Fit 32GB SDCZ43 BM150224846D I bought 2012ish, and it has worked well with with heavy use every since day since! It is above room temperature, never hot, and is of quality I’d expect from SanDisk. Bought at BestBuy… probably $50-60ish at the time.

I have a SanDisk Cruzer Fit 32GB SDCZ33 BM190226621J I bought 2018ish from aliexpress, maybe $15ish. Hot as hades, and failed within a year under similar usage, only mountable read-only and had data loss. I’m expecting there is a current limited short somewhere, the heat produced and energy consumed when idle is outrageous!

I love the small form factor and I’d hoped to find reputable information on what is and is not of quality from SanDisk. On reading these forum posts the only clear pattern appears to be pre-2014 USB 3.0 flash drives are of reliable quality.

I bought the latest Ultra Fit 3.1 and it looks like they addressed this problem. It doesn’t get has hot as the old 3.0 version.