U3 removal tool for MAC


MAC OS 10.4 and 10.5 supported

Download the U3 Cruzer Utilities for Mac by clicking the following link and save it to your Desktop:

Cruzer Utilities <-- Download here

  1. Find the file named “cruzer-utilities-mac.dmg” on your Desktop and double click it.

  2. Double click the Cruzer Utilities installer.pkg file.

  3. Follow the installation wizard to complete the installation

  4. When prompted to Restart, click the Restart button.

  5. Once the computer has fully restarted, double click on your hard drive, and then double click on the Applications folder, then the Utilities folder.

  6. Inside the Utilities folder will be a SanDisk Cruzer folder, double click it.

You will see three applications:

Launchpad Removal Utility for MAC - removes the U3 LaunchPad.

Password Enabler-Disabler - allows you to use the Security feature of U3 to lock the drive and prevent unauthorized access.

Password Change - allows you to change the Security password that locks the drive.

There will also be a removal tool to uninstall the Cruzer Utilities which should only be used if you want to remove the three applications.


U3 Launchpad Removal


  1. Double click the Launchpad Removal Utility for MAC.

  2. When prompted, click Next.

  3. You will be asked if you want to restore your data, since you have already BACKED UP YOUR DATA, choose No.

  4. Click the Format button.

  5. The Launchpad will be removed and the drive will be formatted. It will give a progress bar and timer.

  6. Click the Done button to close the program.

  7. Copy your data back to the Cruzer.

Enable or Disable Security

  1. Double click the Password Enabler-Disabler utility. Depending on if a password has already been set, see below for the proper instructions.

(With no password currently set)

  1. Enter a new password of your choice.

  2. Retype the same password for verification.

  3. You may choose a hint question in case you forget your password. This is optional.

  4. You will now be prompted for a password every time you plug the Cruzer into any MAC that has these utilities installed. If the utilities are not installed on a MAC, you will not be able to access this flash drive. Functionality on a PC will not be effected.

(With a password currently set)

  1. Enter your current password and click OK.

  2. The drive is no longer password protected.

Change Password

  1. Double click on the Password Change utility.

  2. Enter your current password.

  3. Enter a new password.

  4. Type the new password again for verification

  5. You may choose a hint question in case you forget your password. This is optional.

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  1. The cruzer utilities for mac only allow you to remove U3 or use the password protection. the U3 Launchpad will not function on MAC.

2. the only thing you would need this utility for is if your device is password protected.

  1. I was told by sandisk support that there is no plans for a Leopard update. 

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Thanks a lot san,now I can safely remove it,The thing I forgot is the backup. Good thing I read this thread, So useful. :slight_smile:

Thanks for this guide. I’m sure a lot of MAC users will be able to benefit from this. It would also be nice though if this is added to the KB site as well.

You responded to a thread that is over 4 yrs old!  Why?

how can i format my ultra USB flash drive?
some kind of virus is in it, and i cant use more than a half of the storage 

Use the MAC format function.

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