Two SD Cards, Two separate Cameras, Both have Corrupt Files in Same Wedding???

I’ve filmed over 500 weddings and never had an issue with my cards.
Yesterday I shot a wedding. Two cameras, 1 Canon 5DmkIV and 1 Canon EOS R. Both recording all day already: getting ready, photo time, etc, every file is fine. The ceremony starts and 2 files on the 5D fail and 2 files on the EOS R Fail. Every single file beyond the ceremony is perfect.
We’re talking about 98/100 files perfectly fine, 2 files filmed inside a church corrupt from one camera, 2 files from the other camera also corrupt.
The first file says it was 21 mins long but only 1:14 of it plays.
The second file is 8 mins but only 3 mins of it plays.
The other camera: 1 files is 21 mins and only 15 mins of it plays.
the second file is 9 mins long and only 7 of it plays.

This has never happened. And it makes NO sense that all the other files are fine.
Does anyone have any ideas? Is it somehow physically possibly there was something being transmitted in the church that could’ve caused this? It doesn’t make sense though, the camera wasn’t wireless, it was just sitting on a tripod recording directly to the SD card.
I’ve tried using different card readers, plugging directly into my iMac SD card slot, my card slot on my MacBook Pro, and my wife’s computer. All the computers see the files the same way and when trying to play them they all lock up at different times.
I need to figure out:

  • should I throw these cards away and never use them again even though they’ve shot 6-7 weddings in a row with no issues at all?
  • is it the cameras? They shot 98/100 perfect files and have never had an issue before. Plus they’re different camera models 5DmkIV / EOS R.
  • the only common denominator is SanDisk 128GB Extreme Pro 170MB/s cards were used in each camera and both cameras were in the same church. Nothing filmed outside of the church before or after 5-6pm were affected, those files are all perfect.

Hi @mvarel,

Please contact the SD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

Hey thanks so much, I didn’t know about that link. I appreciate your help.

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