Turns off before download complete.?

Hi all–
Love my new Connect… why would anyone use anything different… (maybe the Ibiza Rhapsody perhaps…)

I got the Connect yesterday, gave it a full charge overnight. It works well except for 1 thing.

When I begin downloading an album from Yahoo ie. approx 12-15 songs, the player turns off after 5 or 6 minutes.
To resume downloading, I have to switch the player on again…
If I am using the player for something else , like Internet Radio, while simultaneously downloading… the
player stays on…

So basically, if left alone, it powers off after 5 or 6 minutes…
I called Sansa… The guy didn’t seem to know too much, but he suggested getting a replacement player.
(I would, but I bought it a fair distance away… I’d prefer to fix the one I have if possible…)

Anyone have any ideas on this one?
Cheers… Much appreciated !! :slight_smile:


The player should preserve battery life by “hibernating” when inactive (IE not playing music). You should simply push the power button to “wake” the player.  However, if the player completely shuts down, and must reboot (approx 2 minute loading time), I would suggest returning the product.

I would like to share a personal story.  I bought my first MP3 player last week…and it happened to be the Creative Zen Plus.  I loved that little gadget…for the two days. Then, the player would go silent in the middle of songs at random.  Consequently on day 4, the player would just completely shut down sporadically. On day five, it was shutting down in the middle of playback every 3-15 minutes. Support was limited for such a problem, and I decided to return the player and buy the Sansa Connect. This player is doing great… I just wanted to let you know it is worth getting a problem-free player for your money (especially right out of the box!).  I’d hate to see the problem get progressively worse, and you can no longer exchange your player. 

However, my post may not be that relevant. I actually haven’t done any Yahoo downloading.  Just seems strange to be completely shutting down while not inactive. 

musiclover--  very interesting reply-- thank you…
It seems then, that my player is hibernating like you say, because it comes on right away (after the shut off I mentioned)…
I wonder why I have to manually restart the downloads (from where it left off) , after this happens…

Do you or anyone else (who does Yahoo downloads) have any insight into this?
Shouldn’t you be able to line up 5 albums and leave the player to download them?
(By the way, if I have the player plugged into the charger, I don’t have this problem…of course, I won’t
always be near the charger)

Thanks again for any additional help… Much appreciated !!!

Question: When you “wake” your player, do you have to reconnect to your wi-fi network?  You may be losing connectivity.  I’m not sure how this would be solved though.  Also, I did read that if there are songs in the download queue, and there is a wi-fi connection available, and there is over 60% battery charge, the Connect will power up the WiFi chip and begin downloading these songs. 

Keep us posted :slight_smile:

Since the charger is working, it sounds like your USB port is not producing enough power.

Does your Connect shutdown while transferring songs that have already been downloaded to your PC?

Have you tried different USB ports?

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I think Trac is right. You need to use a high power USB 2.0 port.

The Connect shouldn’t turn off while connected and syncing. It should keep display on.

musiclover- thanks again… I’m going to return the player and get another, I’ve decided…,
because, yes, when the player ‘wakes’, it needs to be reconnected manually.  Appreciate you taking the time
to reply :slight_smile:

Thanks to the other replies too…


You should try Connect Recovery Tool at least once before returning the player.