Maybe one of you people out there can give me a hand. I purchaced a Sansa Connect 4gb mp3 player last February. I haven’t had any peoplems  until NOW. I deleated some music t. Right after that, it froze on me… I tried to do the Connect Recovery thing after the fact. When I downloaded it and set the mp3 to do the connect recovery, the box that you click “OK” on said that my internet was not connected and to try again when it was. However, if that was the case,  The mp3 player is still plugged in to the USB jack and it does say, “Recovering…Please wait…” on the screen. I don’t know if that means it is actually “recovering” or there is just another malfunction with all of this tech stuff. If this makes sence to anyone(because it doesn’t to me), I would appreciate your insight! !

please help I was very satisfied with unti and I miss him 

 Thank you

Have you read any of the very recent threads in this forum with the word “recovery” in their subject lines?

You can try to check this site for the Recovery tool; :wink: