Player turns off when I plug it in to recharge or connect to computer.

I listened to my player for a few hours yesterday at one job; turned it off and went home and plugged it in to recharge for a bit before heading out to second job.  Since the SD card gives it fits sometimes, I pull the card before turning it on or plugging it in, which is what I did.  When I had to leave an hour later, I unplugged the player and headed to the jobsite.  The player was off, though I don’t remember turning it off.  I turned it on, loaded the card for extra songs, and proceeded to listen to it with earbuds for hours more.  I noticed that when it first came on, the power level was lower than when I stopped using it earlier in the day, which seemed odd - it should have charged at least some.   Much later, an album ended I went to select another to listen to and the player was off, so I turned it on again after pulling the card.  It was taking forever to load and I tried touching the “return button”, which caused a white window to appear with a message that may have been, “You have successfully restarted.” - which was odd.  I noticed the battery was really low, so I went to plug it in to recharge and the player turned off immediately.  That’s what it does now - there’s just enough juice to turn on but as soon as I plug it in, it turns off.  My computer doesn’t see it either, so it’s really “off” even though it’s plugged in.  I’ve tried holding the power button for 20-30 seconds while it’s plugged into the computer, but nothing.  I left it plugged into the computer for about six hours today, just to see if that made a difference and notta.  It’s not hot and it recharged fine yesterday and obviously had a good charge.  Help.

Try recharging it with one of those USB wall warts instead of the USB port on your 'puter.  It may be that the output on the USB port of the 'puter is not enough to charge it?  Alternatively, it could be that there is a background program running that autmatically syncs the player and could be stuck in a loop causing the player to be stuck in sync mode which could be causing it to discharge quicker than charge.  Plugging it into a USB WW will at least let y ou know if the issue is the player or the computer.

You might have a bad cord. I would try borrowing another cord from a friend, and see if this fixes the issue (that way, if the issue isn’t the cord, you won’t have wasted any money). Also, try plugging the device into another computer and see if that helps.

Thanks, but I tried four different cords, only one of them for the computer and it does the same on all of them - immediate shut-off.

Thanks, but I tried four different cords before coming to this forum, including one that was to the computer instead of the wall.  They all got the same response: absolutely none if the unit is off or immediate shut-down if I got it powered up first.

Sounds like it’s time for a call to Tech Support. If they can’t figure it out, and the player is still under warranty they will replace it for you. Good luck!