Trouble copying video

I have successfully copied several photos and videos from my iphone to my SanDisk thumbdrive, however, there is one video (1.5 hour long) that will not copy. When I click copy from iphone and then click on the video, and then click “copy here”, it briefly appears like it is going to download it and then one second later the screen jumps back to the home page and a popup message says "iXpand Drive just copied 0 items. Delete these items from your phone to free up Zero KB of space.

I tried turning off iCloud photo and then trying to copy it and it did the exact same thing. I did notice that this video is not on my iCloud - I think it is too large.

What else can I do to get this video transferred out of my phone?? Is my SanDisk too small?? I have the 32 GB size drive. I have no idea how big the video is and I do not know how to check and see how big it is…

Please help!!