Issues with iXpand iPhone app

When selecting photos/videos to copy to the iXpand USB 3.0 drive the app doesn’t show whether or not the files are photos or video. On the iPhone videos show a time length, so you can tell it is a video. I have many videos that were shot of the same subect matter, so the thumbnails all look the same. Some videos are duds (a few seconds long) and others are an hour or more. There is no way to even tell if these are video and, if they are, how long they are.

There is no progress bar or any indication of how long files take to copy to the iXpand drive. It ust says “copying files” or some such.

Copy files from my iPhone to the drive is extremely slow and ran my fully-charged iPhone completely dry several times when trying to back up the photos and videos from my phone.

I brought these issues up on the Sandisk chat page and on the phone with customer support, but the people I dealt with could barely manage English and it was clear they had no idea what I was talking about. They kept diverting to solving some other unrelated issue. I spent several frustrating hours on this and finally gave up. The Sandisk support was the worst I have ever encountered. I can barely use my iXpand drive and the support was of no help at all.

Other storage company solutions, like Lexar, work much better and the apps are far superior. I like the design of the iXpand drive, but unless the app is improved to at least have similar functionality to the other solutions I already use, I will avoid the Sandisk crappy solution.

correct there is no way to see if a file is a video or picture from the file selection screen. As a work around you can use the photos app on the phone to find the particular file you are looking for and delete any shorter (dud) videos before making the transfer. 

Videos an hour or more are pretty large in size. the over all transfer rate the lighting port can achieve is about 12MB/s so transferring large files will be slow. not much that can be done about that as it is as fast as the lighting port can transfer.

Some other things that can affect the transfer rate is if the file is actually on icloud. iCloud photos is turned on by default. If you see All pictures instead of camera roll when accessing the native photos app the file may actually be on icloud. If this is the case it would have to download before it transfers to the ixpand. 

there  is a progress bar at the top it is red and will fill from right to left showing the progress of the transfer. 

I have used may different similar products and in my opinion the sandisk product and app are far superior to other company solutions. my suggestion would be to find something you like and use that product. Life is too short to get so frustrated with anything like this. 

how do you turn off the default icloud? I have been unsuccessful at moving any of my photos :frowning:

ios settings > Photos > icloud photos