Transferring MP3's to the sansa clip

Hello. I was wondering if there was any way to go through your music library of mp3’s and take individual songs to make a list before you sync to the player. What I want to do is view all the songs I have chosen to sync in a window before I actually transfer to the player. Windows media player has a feature but it rather looks like an afterthought. You drag songs to the right side of the window that you intend to sync but you really can’t really organize them before you do this. It really doesn’t do well with large numbers of songs either.

I want to see the songs I selected in a list similarly to when you are about to burn songs to a cd with NERO or any other software. There may be a way to do this in media player but it seems it wants to burn ALL your songs in the library rather than selected ones. Is there a way to do this?

Try doing the playlist in WMP

Or why not just drag and drop?  That’s the beauty of the Clip–no software is needed.

And if you want to do a final preview before moving them to your Clip, just drag and drop copies to a folder on your computer, and then do the final drag and drop to your Clip from there.

I tried adding the mp3’s  in winamp and it wants to install the “entire” library not just a few files. There is no option to preview all your selected files before you sync them to the Sansa clip that I have found but that might just be me overlooking it.

The idea of putting the files in a temp folder to preview them should work but I was hoping for something a little more professional that can be done in software. So far the only thing I have found where you can select files with software and then they will automatically be synced is a program called Mediamonkey. And in that one you select the songs from your entire library list and then install from there. It’s not real convenient but it works.

windows media player perhaps?