transferring from sansa fuze?

This may be a dumb question,but can I transfer tracks from my sansa fuze to my computer? so I can listen to the tracks while I am browsing?

If you want to, yes.

Windows Media Player does this pretty well.  Just go to the “Sync” tab, find music in your Fuze, drag it into the right sidebar, and click where it would normally say “Start Sync.”  It should say “Copy From Device.” 

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Thank you so much!

You should always keep a copy of your compressed music files on your pc  and on some backup disks(or at least just on backup disks) in case you lose or break your player, or if your player malfunctions and needs to be formatted. Many people think since they have all the original CDs they don’t need to back up their mp3 files, however they don’t think about how long it will take to rip hundreds or thousands of CDs again. Recordable DVD disks(DVD-R or DVD+R) seem to be the least expensive way to back up large amounts of data, as they are only around 20-25 cents each, and hold around 4.4 GB each.

I also need to move music from my Fuze to my computer but I have a Mac. Is there an easy way to select and move songs to iTunes on a Mac?

iTunes is meant to work with dopI players, so it’s not immediately compatible with the Fuze.

However, Google found this software. I have no idea if it works.

Meanwhile,  if you want to do things directly, you can do this: 

Go to Settings/System Settings on your Fuze and change it, if necessary, from Auto-Detect to MSC mode. That’s what it’s using to communicate with your Mac computer anyway, but you might as well make it official.

With MSC, the Fuze is like any other flash drive/disc drive/thumb drive.

Now find out where your iTunes library is on your computer. You can probably find it under Edit/Preferences/Advanced (at least that’s where my Windows version lists it). 

Then you can copy or drag-and-drop  files/folders from your Fuze into your iTunes library.