Downloading from Fuze into computer

Hi!  I’m new to using my Sansa Fuze and have a question.  Is it possible to download from a Sansa Fuze into a computer?  I uploaded many songs from one computer into my SanDisk, and now would like to copy them from my SanDisk into my laptop computer.  Is this possible at all?

sure, just connect the fuze to the computer and copy/paste the songs back to the computer

To see the files, you have to connect to the computer in the same USB mode that you connected to the previous computer. (Settings/System Settings/USB Mode). The computer can only see one mode at a time.  If it’s on Auto Detect, try each of the modes (MTP or MSC)  and look for the songs in Computer (or My Computer)–keep clicking deeper if necessary Then copy and paste.

There are some exceptions to this easy method, depending on how the songs got onto the Sansa.

If the songs came from a subscription service, like Rhapsody To Go or Napster, the copies may not play on the laptop.

If you copied the songs from your own CDs via Windows Media Player, and left its default settings, the copies may also not play on the laptop. Either way, that’s because they have been “copy-protected” by evil and annoying Digital Rights Management codes.

If you have problems playing back songs that went from your CDs via Windows Media Player to the Sansa, you need to rip them again. Go into the Rip settings of Windows Media Player and change it, once and forever, to .mp3. The default is .wma (Windows Media Audio) with copy-protection–and all it’s doing is protecting the files from you, their owner.

Thanks for the reply!  It was a lot easier than I thought.  I guess I was expecting to have to do something (other than just connect) with the Fuze player itself  in order to download the songs.  It always just says “Connected” when it’s plugged in and I can’t do anything else with it.

Thanks again.

Thanks for all of the info!  So far, so good, but I’ll now know what’s going on, and what to do, if I have a problem with any of the files,