Transfered mp3 files renamed and jumbled

I transferred a series of mp3 files to a Clip Sport, carefully named to play in order, and in four folders.
As carefully as I try to do it, the files end up in different folders, mysteriously renamed, duplicate files get created in different folders on the mp3 player. This is weirder than weird.
When I plug the player into my computer, the files look fine - just as I created them to play in order. But when I try to access them on the player itself, it’s a nightmare.
I contacted Sandisk, and they said to make M3U files. I did that, and it’s somewhat better, but still out of order. When I added another folder, everthing got thrown into chaos again.

Isn’t this an MP3 player? Why would I have to make M3U files out of mp3 files. Do I need to make just the folders, or each file within each folder too?

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And now when I plugged it in to my pc to charge, there’s nothing there - “The folder is empty”!

So I tried another cable. Now the contents show up - even though it was charging the player with the original cable (I just got this 1 month ago).

I got a micro sd card to try to deal with this. How can I put mp3 files on the sd card?

Well, you could put the SD card in your computer and transfer them to your card that way.  Or put the card in an SD card reader, attach that to your computer, and then transfer to the card.  Or, you should be able to put the card in your player, connect the player to your computer, and then transfer the songs to the card. 

The bast way to keep the files in order is using track numbers. The first firmware for the player didn’t sort properly by track number, but later versions of the firmware sort okay by track numbers. So update the firmware on the player, and use track numbers.

Použitie FAT Sorter


FAT Sorter is a “simple” program to sort files on a FAT file system.The target scenario for it is to sort the files and folders on a USB flash drive alphabetically, so they are loaded properly on devices that read them.
The FAT file system doesn’t support sorting directory entries. However, this is the only file system for USB flash drives that is widely supported. Unless the hardware or software accessing the device (like your computer) resorts them for display, the files will show in the order they were added to the directory.