Missing Playlists, Arbitrary, No Pattern

I have followed many of the helpful guides provided by forum users, but no matter how I set up my playlists (organizing on foobar2000, saving directly to Sport internal root), upon each editing/adding session, when the device starts up, I’m missing a playlist here and there.

Sometimes, it’s X playlist, sometimes it’s Y, and the playlist may reappear after another editing/adding session, but Z playlist will then disappear.

If the problem were contained to the same playlists, I would look at the file name/structure, but it’s completely random.

Any advice? More info needed (specs = Sandisk Sport Clip/No SD card)?



Maybe take a look at my recent message about creating Playlists (m3u) using a Batch File Command (for Win PC).


ALSO, make sure your Playlist files have unique names and are saved into the corresponding subfolder under Music or in the Playlists folder.

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Many thanks for the fast, helpful reply.

Since I couldn’t find rhyme/reason for missing playlists, I followed your lead about folders and simply, tediously renamed all my mp3’s in their respective folder with numbering (01, 02…), the numbering based on their playlist ordering.

All my folders contain about 30 mins of music, maybe 9 mp3s, since that’s my length of jogging. I just now go to the folder section rather than playlists.

Earlier this week, I have given up on the Sport Clip and purchased an AGPTEK A26. While the A26’s playlists work better than the Sport’s, you can only have 50 of them, for some reason. So I ended up doing the same numbering/folder deal for the A26.

I have a follow-up question. It would appear that with regard to the folder listing, both devices list their folders by date received, not alphabetically. Is there a desktop app that can rearrange them by alphabet on the device?

Otherwise, the only workaround (when uploading a new folder) is to pull all the folders from the device to desktop, delete device folders, than upload everything again to the device, starting with the first folder in the alphabet.

It works, but that’s long and tedious.

Any advice about this would be much appreciated.

Thanks again,


Take a look at the 1st reply in this discussion on the San Disk Forum. 


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That did it! Many, many thanks.

A couple of caveats about which fat sorter to use:

1) http://www.softpedia.com/get/System/File-Management/FAT-Sorter.shtml

Here, the original mirror is gone; you have to download FatSorter 1.4 through softpedia. It installed on Win 8.1, but I couldn’t find an icon to get it to actually run. It could’ve been a 64-bit issue.

  1. So I went here: http://files.lastos.org/ssFATSorter.htm 

Which has a x64 version, and needs no installation, but very slow compared to:

3) http://www.anerty.net/software/file/DriveSort/

Which is portable, runs on 64-bit, and very quick, so far

Again, thank you for your prompt, incredibly helpful assistance,


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Thanks for the follow-up and all your extra effort. 

Seems like my favorite Fat Sorting software is getting more difficult to track down over the past few years. 

I found it following your advice at this link:

Fat Sorter 1.0.4 (for PC). 


The downloaded file is a Zip file. Need to unzip to reveal the executable file. 

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Yes, that’s the one I first downloaded. I typed the version incorrectly: it’s not 1.4, it’s Fat Sorter 1.0.4 Thanks for making a direct link.

I don’t know why it successfully installed, but wouldn’t run on 64-bit Win 8.1. Prolly an 8.1 thing–I’m stuck with 8.1 for the time being.

I’d be interested to hear your comparison of Fat Sorter 1.0.4 to DriveSort. DriveSort allows you to sort, then save, nice to have that inbetween step. But it’s only ascending/descending; you can’t make custom rearrangements.

But DriveSort is fast and works with both the Clip Sport and the AGPTEK A26.


Fat Sorter 1.0.4 seems to run as designed on my 64-bit PC running Win 10. The program does not allow for any custom sorts. Just alphanumeric with ascending;  no option to save a custom sort.  It works very fast & efficiently. No errors.

       If I ever learn that Fat Sorter 1.0.4 is no longer available on the Softpedia website, I could try to make it available on my WordPress Blog (along with my FirmWare 1.28 download page).

Best Wishes with your AGPTEK A26 player.

Thanks for the good information.