Transfer from recorder to hard drive.

I have an e260. What I want to do is to record speeches broadcast on a limited power FM frequency rather than using the microphone at conventions. How can I transfer the recording to my desktop to then make a permanent copy? I am using Windows XP and have windows media player 10.

Thanks for any help as I am not that adept at the computer.

You mean like recording with the player, and then transferring that to your hard drive?

Also, I would test how great the quality of the recording is, before just recording on the go.

But if you want to record, and then transfer to the computer, you can do this:

plug your player into the computer, and then go into the player through My Computer, and then find the recording folder, should say Record if I remember correctly… From here, you can find the recorded file. Should be in a date format If I remember correctly.

Thanks, I will try that this week.