How do i upload the music on my mp3 to my computer

I want to take the songs on my mp3 player and load them on to my computer so i still have the songs on my mp3 but also have it on my computer so i can burn them on to cds and such any help is much appriated. Thank you


You can’t transfer back to the PC using Windows Media Player.  You must use Windows Explorer and find the folder they are in and copy them from there. If you put them on the m200 in MTP or MSC mode, you must use the same mode to copy them back to the computer or to another computer.

I did this on my m250 transferring songs to my PC.  I made note of the steps and placed them in my personal web page if you still need assistance.

If this helps, let me know and if it doesn’t, let me know so I can either fix or delete it.


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