transfer files from laptop to sansa clip - cannot figure how

Using Windows 7, 64 bit processor and Sansa clip 8g

With Clip hooked up to USB port I can see the internal Clip folders in Explorer and have them arranged as I prefer.  But finding it impossible to transfer to Clip that has previously loaded music from a prior laptop, since died… Windows Media instructions make no sense to me.  Would prefer to do it with Explrorer.  Sansa clip appears to be recognozed by laptop as it reads “connected”, “writing” etc. Can anyone help in plain English please?  I can put something in the WM library and can do a “sync” but nothing changes on the Sansa Clip. Thanks.

Why not just drag & drop (copy & paste) them? There’s no need to use WMP or sync.

Totally apart from drag-and-drop being an answer to the problem here, I personally just find it to be the simplest way to add content to the Clip (as well as other players), as well as to remove files.  It really is simple, and elegant in that simplicity.