Tranferring files using MTP on a fedora 20 system


I have a Sansa clip+ and am having some problems with transferrring files to the device from a linux machine using mtp.

I am running fedora 20 which automatically detects the device in MTP mode and automatically mounts it.
From what I have read it uses gvfs-mtp to connect to the device and the device mounts to a location like:

I can see the files under internal Memory/MTP in both the file manager and from the command line.

However I am having problems transferring files from my computer to the device.
Using the file manager it looks like I can copy mp3 files from computer to the device, but when I disconnect the device and look for the copied files on the device I cannot find them.
Re-connecting the device to the computer the files I copied are visible on the device.
Anyone any idea why I cannot see the copied files in the device ?

From what I have read fedora 20 uses a tool called gvfs-mtp to connect via mtp. Does anyone know anything about this tool and how fedora uses it?
Does anyone know how I can use it to transfer files to the device from the command line ?

I have also read on various posts that libmtp can be used to effect file transfer via mtp. However I cannot connect using this, I assume because the device is already connected using whatever method fedora uses when it is plugeed in.
So I am also trying to find out a bit more about what fedora does when I plug in an MTP device.    
What process/processes it it that auto-connects when the device is plugged in ?
What tool is used to mount the device when I plug it in ?
How can I mount/unmount the device manually ?
What is the difference between gvfs-mtp and libmtp ? Does one use the other ?

Does anyone know anything about mtp on fedora 20 ? Or where I may be able to find out about this ? I’ve come up blank so far.

Why are you going through all this simply to use MTP mode? I’m sure there’s a reason, but you didn’t mention it. Why not use MSC mode?

Yes MSC mode does works fine.

However I transfer files form both Windows and linux boxes and wanted to avoid continually switching between the two modes.

Why not use MSC in both Windows and Linux? In my experience MTP is quite glitchy in both operating systems and really has no advantage over MSC for most people.

Umm. I thought you had to use MTP with Windows!!

I’ll give it go in MSC mode. If that works then for the Sansa it’s a simple solution.

Thank you.

(I will still want to find aout about the MTP issues on fedora, because I understand that with a lot of android devices there is no choice.)

@shaggy1 wrote:

Umm. I thought you had to use MTP with Windows!!


Nope–only for DRM’ed files.  In my experience, MTP mode can just muck things up (renaming files inexplicably, etc.) and is best avoided, if possible.