MTP file transfer for Sansa m260 on Ubuntu Linux 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx

I can’t seem to transfer files to or from my Sansa m260 on Ubuntu Linux.  I went to the IRC chatroom #ubuntu and made some progress but still haven’t succeeded.  I can read and play my MP3 files from the player on the default Ubuntu media player Rhythmbox, and I can also access the MP3 files on the MTP transfer program Qlix.  Viewing in the default Ubuntu file browser Nautilus however only displays empty folders and a config file under /media/Sansa m260 , with none of the MP3 files, even when viewing under sudo (root user).  Qlix did seem to be able to transfer some of the files, but I haven’t been able to repeat that, and it only did a couple.  It looks like even though Nautilus cannot display any of the media files, I might be able to transfer them in, since I tried and it gave an error stating not enough memory on the device.  Is there a way to do a manual reset of the MP3 player and then perhaps transfer the new files that way?  That’s still hardly a solution though, since I wouldn’t be able to take files off again without a reset once it eventually fills back up.

I believe one must use MSC mode with Linux systems.

libmtp allows MTP file transfer in linux.  If you cannot currently “see” the files, and they were previously transferred in MTP, it looks like the current mount is happening in MSC.

I believe the m260’s USB controller only supports one protocol at a time, like the AMS driven Sansas (e-series, Fuze, Clip).

The only dual mode device (where you can see both MTP and MSC transferred files concurrently) uses the Freescale processor, the Fuze+.

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