to slow write on Sandisk Cruzer CZ36 16

i buy new sandisk cruzer cz36 16gb to replace my old cruzer micro but not happy because i test this product very2 slot to write only 3 mb/s slow than cruzer micro any solution from sandisk

that is normal for this product. it is entry level product. if speed is a factor for you you should look at the Cruzer Titanium, Cruzer Contour, Cruzer Ultra or other similar perfomace line products. 

this is normal why my old sandisk cruzer micro U3 4GB is better fast write transfer 10mb/s

this is same range product of cruzer CZ36,can you tell me write transfer sandisk cruzer CZ40 16GB

hopelly this not sama wit CZ36

ultra backup is a faster drive. I ahve an ultra backup that benchmarks around 12 to 15MB/s