To get the file order properly on an SD card.

I was just downloading podcasts to my SD Card. And took out the Track #'s out as this seems to confuse the player and  it then shows up in numeric and alpha order and these podcst are numbered lesson 1, lesson 2 so it should work.  However, the SD card it did a very quick refresh (in a second or two) and they came up in just jumbled order. Wasn’t too happy to say the least.

However, my player froze and had to do a 15 second press of the center button to shut off and refresh and what do you know it did a longer refresh of the SD card and the files came up in proper order. I did have to make one change to one file and it again became jumbled. Wasn’t sure what to do now becaue before it happened by accident the player freezed. But I did figure it out. If I shut the player down and then turn it back on while hold the power/center button while it is turning on it will then shut itself down as it would when it freezes to reset and it will then load the SD card with a longer refresh that seems to put it in proper order.

What  a crazy way to get the SD card in order to have to have a long press to reset the player and that is the only way it does a refresh that can take 4 or 5 seconds and sorts the files in numeric alpha order. Otherwise it comes out jumbled and I see the refresh is very quick (maybe a second) when not resetting the player as you would as when it freezes up and this quick refresh doesn’t really sort the files on the card in any way.