Arranging music on an SDHC card help!

It used to be that my SD card would play the music in the order I added music, so newest music would play first. I don’t remember what type of card I had before putting all the music on my computer and throwing it out for one with more space. But now I had a SanDisk SDHC 6GB card. I put my music onto it and now it’s just playing random songs when I put it in my car’s system or when I insert it into the computer and it plays in Windows. There is no way to arrange the files how I want them when I open up the folder on the computer. I’ve tried for HOURS. Looked through Google and still don’t know what to do. I’m not a real tech savy person, especially with this stupid Windows 8. I tried creating a playlist in windows media player and then syncing it to my card but that didn’t work, it told me sync complete when it did nothing. I clicked for it to show me what the sync did, and it has all my songs with a red X to the left.

Can anyone please help me with this and in layman’s terms? Do I need a different type of card? I just want my newest music to play first. I don’t want to have to skip through over 200 songs to hear what I want first. I’d like the first 30 that are newest to play, but I want all my songs, new and old on it. I can’t use iTunes because my phone doesn’t have enough space for all these songs, so I’m lost and at my wits end with it!