I am having a problem with the music I am syncing to my SanDisk Cruze Blade changing order.   I sent an email for help and was told that 140919-001733  had covered that issue.

For the life of me I dont know how to find that discussion.

Sorry at 62 all this technology is becoming very confusing.   I want to copy a playlist that I have made on Windows Media Player for my partners 70th birthday.   I have been able to sync (copy?) them to the USB blade but when I put it into the stereo the order has changed.   It is important that the music stays in the same order.  I have spent days and days trying to sort this without luck.  Shuffle doesnt appear to be on, random doesnt appear to be on the stereo.

PLEASE can someone help me with this.   Unfortunately I need it explaining in simple language.  I have tried all options on google, media player and san disk but I am obviously doing something wrong.    

Thank you in anticipation. 

I think it may be just a Windows setting. Can you set it to “Date Modified” or “Aphabetically” and see what happens? I think it’s currently set to by “File Type”.