How do you sort order in playlist

I downloaded mp3tag and a bunch of other stuff.  Not intuitive.  Finally, I just renamed all my songs using 01-01, etc.  It sorts correctly on the disc, but when I go into my clip, it is no longer sorting by number.  And I have shuffle off.  I worked on this for 5 hours last night, and it was working, but this morning  I added 1 song (replaced 01-01) and now it wont sort by number.  I changed nothing else.  And now it is sorting alphabetically by title rather than by name.   I even deleted the title column from view on the disc, but the clip still sorts that way.

This is driving me nuts.  How hard can it be to get 38 songs to play in the order I select for my workout?

  I found it!!!  Music, Folders, External SD Card, Music, Play All

And make sure USB Mode is set to MTP and not Auto Detect.