how ARE podcasts sorted?

I’m on version 1.18. I tried various ways to have podcasts show up (and therefore play) in the correct order. Tried renaming the files, tried removing them all and moving back to make sure all the files have the same date attribute, tried differents ID3 versions, no good - podcasts seem to be sorted randomly. Like, 310, 311, 312, 313  … 308, 306… :confounded: It appears to be completely random. I would be fine with either sorting method - by title, alphabetically, by track - just, something  consistent.

Can anyone provide any info as to whether this is at least being worked on? :neutral_face:

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Am not sure what’s happening there, but have you tried accessing via the folder vew?  They should be fine that way.

Sort of, although the files are still a little mixed up - items e.g. 61-80 are listed first, and are then followed by 41-60. The filenames are all uniform.  O_o

Not that it solves the problem; resuming playback from previous position doesn’t work in folder view, and that’s a key feature for podcasts and audiobooks that are upwards of 1hr in length. 


I think I have an answer… this is insane but you have to copy your files one by one in the correct order…

It appeared correctly on my player (1-01, 1-02, 1-03…) instead of chaos I had before.

(not sure about win7 native file copier, but I had noticed with SuperCopier, files are not copied in order, so that’s probably why it was not in order on the books/podcasts folder, following the ‘logic’ of the Clip Sport…)

I strongly suggest SanDisk to fix this… and use alphabetical order.



ok - it may not always work

now even by doing this sometimes it is the same chaos as before…

moreover I get ‘file not supported’ when trying to resuming a file… (ogg)

really annoying