To delete a virtual CD from the USB Flash

I have a USB flash that hangs for extended periods when inserted and I suspect it is the virtual CD ROM partition that I created quite some time back. I can’t get diskmanager (Win7) to delete the partition. Are there any utilities available to either delete the Virtual CD partition or to low level format the USB.

There’s two options.


Or use U3 Removal Tool software

Thanks for the info but I don’t have that software installed. I just have a virual CD on the USB flash and an empty FAT partition.  I need a method of deleting the vitual CD partition.

I tried the option two anyway and it asked me if I wanted to format the flash instead of asking to remove the application. I took the format option and so far everything seems okay.

You are a genius my friend - thanks

What did you use to create the virtual CD?  Is it really a CD or just an ISO file?

He did not create the Virtual CD.

It was a utility I found (on the HP website I think) that allowed a person to create a virtual CD partition so that the flash could be used as a bootable device. All the partition ‘markers’ indicated to the OS that it was a USB CD drive. The OS boot files were then installed to the virtual CD partition.

I boot USB sticks all the time and I don’t use a virtual or real CD partition to do it.  I even boot two Cruzer U3 sticks with U3 still on them.

Used the u3 removal tool and it worked like charm ! thank you :slight_smile: