Timestamp of files saved is wrong + saves to flash drive fail sometimes w/o any warning

Running SecureAccess2.0 on MS windows7.  When I startup SA2.0, the timestamps of my files reflect the creation time, not the last update time.  But as long as its up and running and I save an existing file, the timestamp changes to the current (update) time and continues to show the update time.  But after shutting down and coming back later, the timestamp is the creation time again.  Fortunately when I check the content I find it saved the last thing correctly.

Second problem is once in a while (~10% of sessions), the save does not save to the flash drive and doesn’t warn me of any failure to save.  After losing data a couple times I have learned to carefully examine the timestamp of the file before closing it.  When it fails to save, I have to save my changes to another file, close down the copy pointed to the flash drive, reopen the flash copy and manually migrate my changes to the flash version.

I called SanDisk and they have no plan to fix it.  For such a simple application, shame on the developers, testers and SanDisk managers for allowing this to be released.