I will never buy this product again!!!

PLEASE HELP!!! I am very disappointed in this product thus far. It is not very user friendly. I had set up my vault and transferred some movies to this flash drive because I needed to wipe the hard drive of the computer that they were on. Now that I am reinstalling software back onto my computer, I find that I cannot get these files from the flash drive to the computer. When I attempt to do this, it transfers as a 0 kb file but it is not 0 kb on the drive! Additionally, Windows media player will not play these movies directly from the flash drive either. I get an error that says that the media file was saved in the wrong format or codec. Is there a way to save these movies (which were playing just fine before)? Thank you.


in order to save the files to your pc, run SanDisk Secure Access and enter your password. Now you should see your files and you should be able to restore them to your pc (right click the file and select “restore”)