This worked for me. Putting music on locked Clip Sport

I have this mp3 player made by SanDisk…a clip sport model. The issue that makes this different from a normal player is this one was sold to people in prison so it is locked up tight…won’t even allow a firmware update or factory reset.

So it has a few songs on it, held on its sd card. I tried putting an m3u and corresponding mp3 files on it, and it played them once or twice, but I couldn’t replicate the results ever again.

Curious about the model, I bought a retail version of the player off eBay, then put the locked player’s sd card in it and moved all my mp3 files to a user file that shows up on the player as GOLIST[1]. Now when I put the card back in the locked unit, all my music plays from the GOLIST[1] location.

My question is, how can I put my mp3 files directly into the .PL file circled in the image…locate here

you can send the player back to the company that sold it and get the lock removed. 

Anyway I can do Icare data recovery or similar to find files with out access to PC with phone only

Is there any way to solve this without sending it in? I tried adding m3u playlist onto the mp3 player, but it says the playlist is empty and won’t play any songs.