thinking about getting SanDisk Extreme 500 Portable SSD but the usb seems to be really short ?

what type of usb 3.0 cable is it so i can get a longer cable ?

it uses a normal USB 3.0 micro to USB 3.0 type A. Getting a longer cable should work but be careful how long it is. The device is bus powered so if the cable is too long it may not deliver enough power to fully power the device. If you stay under 18 inches it should be OK. I say should be because I have never tested anything other than the supplied cable. 

as side note, get a quality cable. Cheap cables can also affect the transfer speed. If you see any drop in transfer speed with the new cable you get test again with the supplied cable. If the speed is normal with the supplied cable the cable you bought is causing the transfer speed issue. 

i’m using it for  my desktop and need it to reach my desk