Extreme Portable SSD is not recognized unless I use USB 2.0 cables

I have a 1TB SSD, neither my PC (win 10) or laptop (win 11) recognize that it is connected unless I use one of my USB 2.0 cables, meaning the transfer speeds are very slow. The cable that came with the drive does not even work with it, nor do any of my other high speed cables. This is the REPLACEMENT drive I got a MONTH ago because I contacted SanDisk about this exact same issue, and now its showing the same problem. I’ve tried formatting, reinstalling drivers, different computers, macs, nothing works. The drive just won’t get recognized by high speed cables. My computer was off when I unplugged it (it was still working prior), and one time when I turned back on the computer and plugged it back in it just didn’t work. No idea why. Going to try to get my money back if no one has a fix.