Sandisk Extreme 500 250GB slow and other brand is not

I’m using USB 3.0 and I know there are no issues with BIOS or anything else because a different brand of ssd is scoring where these drives should be.  I am testing with Crystal Disk Mark.  On sequential read and write my scores are 241 read and 81 write.  All other 6 parts of the test are 25 or lower.  My other brand on sequential scores 336 read and 212 write.  Plus it scores 173/125 on 8queues/8 threads and 155/128 on 32 queues/1 thread and 25/38 on 1queue/1 thread.  My sandisk scores 10 to 13 at the highest on any of those parts of the test.  Is this a bad unit?  Here is a photo with different numbers but you get the point.  I ran another test and took screenshots.

May be a faulty unit. How old is your Extreme?