The new Firmware...

Well… I downloaded the new firmware three times and it still doesn’t work. What happens is:  I click on the icon (I put it on my desktop), It asks me “Do you want to run this file?” I click “Run” and the box that pops up goes away and nothing happens after that. It worked on the first download with my mp3 player. I have a Sansa clip and I haven’t had any problems with it until this week. What happened was: I turned it on and it’s working normal, it seemed fine, I chose my song I wanted to listen to and carried on with what I was doing and then it just suddenly turned off. I knew the battery wasn’t dead because I had charged it that day so I turned it back on and the “Refresh Database” came up so then I just went back to the song I was listening to-AND THE IT TURNS OFF AGAIN. So I try turning it on, it goes off, turn it on, it goes off. Finally, it doesn’t turn on anymore. Then I go online to do some troubleshooting to see what the problem was and I saw that Firmware was supposed to help-so I did a security scan on it to make sure it was safe for my computer and started downloading it. Like I said, the first time I downloaded the software it worked okay. But it said I needed to clear 6MB of free space on my device-so I did and whatever I deleted kept showing back up on my device so I couldn’t download the firmware, then I just gave up with it because I had enough with it not functioning properly. Sansa has never given any problems until now. Is this the end for my mp3 player? I need to know so I can invest in something else.    Thank you.

To my last post… Can I have an answer please?

You say you have a Clip player. Which one? There’s the original Clip, The Clip+ and the Clip Zip. They all require different firmware. And with the original Clip, there are 2 different hardware versions, so there are 2 different firmware downloads for this model as well. Did you download the correct one for your player?

Did you follow the instructions in the firmware post that tells you to unzip the file first and then drag and drop the extracted .bin file into the root directory of the player?

And just for your knowledge, this is not a “live chat” forum. You usually have to wait more then 5 minutes for an answer. :wink:

Well the firmware download finally worked I think, but  my device still wont turn on when it’s unplugged from my computer. As I stated in the first message it is a Sansa Clip (not clip zip or any of those) I think it’s the first version and it’s just not working. I don’t know what to do with it either, I tried a lot. I don’t even think it needed Firmware… Could you help me troubleshoot this ASAP?  

The original Clip had problems with badly soldered joints on the battery terminal wires. Sorry to say, that’s what it sounds like has happened to yours. If you’re adventuresome and handy with a small-tipped soldering iron (or know someone who is) you can probably fix it.

You can Google “disassembling the Sansa Clip” and find all kinds of Youtube videos and other pictorials on how to get it apart without damaging it and putting it back together. Otherwise, I’m afraid it’s a goner; transfer the files off of it (as long as it still connects to the computer) and get a new player, maybe a Clip+ or Zip if you like the small size and as an added bonus these newer players have an SC slot to expand the memory. :wink: