The many shades of the Clip+

I was under the impression that the Clip+ was only available in 5 colors: Black, white, blue, purple, and burgundy.

After finding a lime green clip+ on eBay, I had to do some investigating to confirm that this was a legitimate player released by sansa

after viewing this forum and this forum I realized the Clip+ was originally only released in 3 colors: Black, Blue, and Red. White and Purple were added later on. After searching though thousands of images of the Clip+ on Google, I discovered that a Lime Clip+ and a Teal Clip+ were released later on as well (~2012/13)

after a little bit of photoshop, I have made a more accurate image depicting the available colors of the Clip+

The Sansa clip+ was originally released in 3 colors (black, blue, red) in 2009
then expanded to 5 (added purple and white) in 2010,
then expanded to 7 colors (added lime green and teal) in 2012

If anyone knows of any other colors released, or happens to have a lime green or teal Clip+ in their possesion, I would love to see a picture of it.