8 gig Clip + In Colors?

The new 8 gig clip+ is only shown in black. Will red and/or blue become available?

(I LOVE my 2 gig red clip, but it is time for an upgrade. and this one sounds like a real winner.)



it says here it will be

Thanks for the feedback, but No, it doesn’t say that at all.

Now that I have read the page more carefully, it says specifically that only the 4 gig will come in colors.

Limiting choice is not good for business, I think.

Thanks again for your reply.


owww… sorry… i’m partially blind right now.  i didn’t see you were asking for the 8GB… as of now, it says black. i’m hoping they’ll add more colors…

You are forgiven :wink:

Frankly, I doubt they will.

They stayed with just the grey the last time they upped the memory.

It seems only at the lower end do they think color is a deciding factor. In fact, I might not upgrade at all.

Among other things wrong with black only, is that it is far to easy to lose, or misplace a black object than a colored one.