Keeping on losing my Sansa clips!!

Is anyone else here keeping on losing their Sansa clips? I have lost a total of three clips (and the memory cards), and it’s always just a few months after I purchase them, they were all black colour. I’m so scared of buying another one. Maybe I should stay away from the black colour, so they are easy to forget because it’s so small and the colour makes them harder to see.

Is there a all white version of Sansa clip+? 

Is this the one that you’re looking for?

@kitscht wrote:

Is this the one that you’re looking for?

And, it’s currently only $123.59 there.   :wink:

Although, $49.99 at the SanDisk store.

Perhaps, though, you might want the lime green color:  hard to miss this one.

The White is a Clip Zip.

There are blue and red Clip+ at the SanDisk store too.

You can also get a skin case for it in a bright color.