The Computer can't "see" The Sansa Fuze

I’ve got  problem…when I plug in my player to computer it can’t see my player… there is only rechargeing a battery but computer don’t see it.I can’t upload any music to my player. It happened after plug to usb battery recharger.what can I do?

I tried change settings usb in my player, I tried plug in with other cable and on the other computer. And player only recharging his battery. I’m woeful:cry:

PS. sory for my english, I’m just starting talking this language.

Sorry, but you have not really provided enough information to determine a cause.

What operating system is your computer?  If it is Linux, the USB mode should be set to MSC.  If it is windows, try setting it to MTP.  If that doesn’t work, try MSC. 

The MSC (Mass Storage Class) setting causes the device to enumerate as two removable drives (one for internal memory one for the SD card).  The MTP (Music Transfer Protocol) setting is usually for Windows machines only and the unit is seen as a Music device.

If it doesn’t show up as an MTP but as an MSC, then your OS is missing it’s MTP drivers.  Check with Windows on how to update your MTP driver suite.  This usually requires an update to Microsoft Media Player.

You could also have a problem with the player in that the data pins are not connecting properly.  I would also check your USB drivers, do memory sticks or thumb drives enumerate properly?

That’s some things to check

Enumerate” is an awfully big word for someone just starting to learn the English language. :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried to change  usb settings [mtp or msc], but it didn’t help. Player can’t connect with computer. I’ve got Windows Xp home sp2.

But it makes no odds…Everything were OK before I connected sansa to usb battery recharger. when i connected it i could hear some ‘hum’ in player and I quickly unpair it. I suposed it’s from it but I’m not sure because the pins which are responsible for transfering the data are isolated from pins to power supply. So why computer can’t see player and can recharging its battery? Maybe connected it with those usb recharger is not cause of it…

I think it couldn’t be USB drivers because I didn’t change anything in computer or in player.

If you know anyone else with a Fuze, borrow their cord and see if you can make a connection. Try MSC mode first, which is the simplest connection.

I don’t know what country you are in, but you can also buy a replacement cord. Just make sure it is the cord for the Fuze or the Sansa E200, not any other kind of player (including iPod).

It sounds like the battery charger did not have the right connection–was it an iPod charger? they are not compatible–and so the connection may be damaged. If you are lucky, only the cord is damaged. If not, and there is damage inside the player, you may be out of luck.

In the worst case, you could continue to use the player with music on a microSD card–just load the card in a reader and put it in the Fuze.

I tied make a connection with other cord to fuze…it didn’t help.

I suspect the only solution is send it on warranty. And waiting for it by weeks:cry:

I have the same problem.  I bought a reconditioned Fuze from Tigerdirect, and it didn’t read on my computer.  I actually tried 3 different computers.  Thinking it was the Chord, I returned it and got another one.  It didn’t make any different,  Still not reading the device although it powers up and the Sandisk says it is “connected”  it just isn’t showing up on the computer as a driver.  One computer had windows 7 and another had XP.  Since I am on a school’s computer, the school tech person just told me to return it.  Not very happy since I finally broke down and got an MP3 player, now it has to be returned.

Are you still within TigerDirect’s return time frame? If so, I would contact them immediately about the problem. There ususally isn’t a very long warranty or return window on re-furbs, so do not hesitate. Re-furbs are also not covered under SanDisk’s warranty.