The Case of The Vanishing Radio Function...

I’ve just put the latest firmware (01.01.12E) on the express (as expected with this crappy player it was practically impossible and has taken hours of pulling out hair and getting generally angry at the instructions for installation being completely and utterly incorrect) and for some reason the radio function has completely vanished from the main menu.  Why has this happened?  How does an entire feature just vanish?  Does anyone have a solution for getting it back? (after all, it was one of the few functions on the machine that actually worked to an adequate standard before the update) Do sandisk employ programmers or just a bunch of monkeys sitting randomly pressing keys and hoping for the best? 

It’s my understanding that in Europe some Sandisk players do not include radio function due to licensing issues.

Do you know if you had European or Pacfic firmware on your player before?  A change in firmware can offer a change in functionality.

If it were mine, I would try the Pacfic firmware.

It’s my guess that SanDisk does employ programmers rather than monkeys, but I suspect they have little say about end uers.

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thanks for the reply

I’m actually not sure what firmware was on before.  I just assumed it was the European but I guess the sudden change means it wasn’t.  I’ll try the other firmware.

Edit: I’ve just changed the firmware (unbelievably, this time it only taken a few seconds to do it!)  and the radio is back. Thank you LoisCatherine!

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