I´ve bought a Sansa Express 1 GB today. It works fine but I can´t find the radio. I paid for FM-tuner and there´s a picture of a radio on the box.

 should jsut be on the main menus. Where you find settings,music etc… just browsing from down to up or up to down on the main menu itself.

It´s nothing there. They probably gave me a player without radio. I will go back tomorrow.

I bought the 2 GB divice today, but it is the same: the radio (FM divice) is not in the main menu. Do I need to download the software?

What does it say in your firmware version. Go to settings on the player and info. They firmware version should be ending in A, i thought E was the only one that had versions without Radio feature on them

Jos wrote:

I bought the 2 GB divice today, but it is the same: the radio (FM divice) is not in the main menu. Do I need to download the software?

there is no download you can not switch from non fm to fm version. you will need to buy a fm version.

I have the same problem. Received my 2 GB version today and it says on the box that it includes an FM tuner but it doesn’t show up in menu. The firmware version number ends in letter E, so I guess I just have to send it back and wait for replacement.

You bought it like that or SanDisk sent you a replacment and it had that firmware?


same problem here in germany. Bought mine from Amazon, box looked ok (with fm tuner pic) but there was no radio option in the menus :-(.

I returned it to amazon hoping that the next one is ok.


1- Hi, I’ve the same problem in France: I bought mine ( Sansa express 2Go / shop: FNAC) and in the first menu, I haven’t the radio. my serial number is ending by “UFB”…

2 - my PC recognize the reader but it’s not visible in windows explorer. But it’s visible in WMPlayer in the box “copy / record in”

so I can’t use it in windows explorer for my data…

does some one have  a response for us? Thank you

pour les Français:

J’ai le meme probleme sur mon sansa express 2Go que j’ai achete aujourd’hui à la FNAC: je n’ai pas de radio dans le menu principal. peut on mettre le logiciel à jour?

sinon le PC le reconnait, installe le pilote mais le lecteur n’apparait pas dans l’explorateur windows. uniquement dans windows media player dans la case " copier dans" donc je ne peux pas l’utiliser comme sauvegarde de mes données.

qqn a t il une solution, apparement je ne suis pas le seul… Merci

Check out

All you answers you need are there - How to get the radio feature working on European models, whether it says theres a radio onboard or not


Hi Munkee,

thank you for your help.

with this update I’ have the radio.

I write it again for the other: Check out

depend on the PC  my sansa express is or isn’t visible in windows explorer.

most important, using Windows media player it’s seem’s that I can’t record more than 500Mo on my sansa express 2GO?!

thank you,

I bought the 2 GB divice today, but the radio (FM divice) is not in the main menu.

On box is “FM tuner” text and other text “Play music and FM radio” - where is the FM Radio???

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I’m new here and about to check out

but I’ve accidently enabled the radio on my E model

I’ve posted what I unintentionally did here:

Seeing as I’m now checking these posts I’m assuming it’s a tax issue in the UK and I’ve inadvertantly put a USA firmware on a european device

Can’t say I’d condone it as it may have issues I’ve not noticed but it was done by accident anyway and It’s a **bleep** nice radio!

EU licensing laws, from what I’ve heard, can be a bit…  tricky.  So I’m really not surprised.  Funny, I remember hearing that a lot of European e200s lacked the FM tuner entirely.  I guess it probably got cheaper to just make more of the same unit than make two different types just to save on one chip.

I really don’t expect that you’ll have any *technical* problems with it.  It’s probably the exact same hardware either way.