FM- memory issue

No problem putting the radio stations in the memory. I press the select button to advance to the next station. The problem: After I listen to few mp3 files or when I turn the player first time, all the preset radio stations are gone! I tried these few times with no luck. I must be doing something wrong. Any suggestions? I don’t do auto feature since it puts the distant stations in the memory. thanks.

what does this auto-feature do? store radio stations automaticly?

If thats the case, does it save those radio stations to the memory without a problem?

Whats the process you are doing to save the radio stations, maybe youir missing a step?

Hello; I press menu/start button til I see FM Radio. I press submenu button (below gray button til I see "View all presets.Then. I press grsay button to choose this option. The radio scans and puts stations into the memory. Personally, I don’t like it. I get few weak stations that I have to delete.
Today, the radio feature worked fine. All the preset stations exist!. I think the firmware acts very erratically! I also have few minor problems listening to folders(albums). Sometimes, the players shows there are no songs in that particular folder!
After reading the pc magazine article, i purchased this player. My expectations were little higher.

The express uses your headphones as an Antenna, if you dont have headphones connected during the scan, may not correctly identify the stations.

Baggage; I set the stations when earbuds are in my ears. I skip the channels I don’t want. But, the problem continues. I downloaded the detailed manual and read it.
 For some strange reason, the preset stations are deleted when I shut the player off. I realize that this is not a big deal to many users. Yet, I don’t get it why it happens. I recharge the battery before  it dies. I have the latest firmware. Any ideas?