Thank You!

Like many who’ve posted on this forum, my Express quit working suddenly and none of the fixes worked but then I put in a MicroSD card as someone mentioned and that did it!

I wanted to let all of you know that there is a WORSE player than the Express, though.  Because I didn’t think that I’d ever get it working and I didn’t want to buy another Flash Battery player (I’ve got a Sansa M240 which uses an AAA battery and the read out is visible outdoors but it isn’t expandable) so after researching several I bought a GPX 2 GB expandable MP3 player but it is almost impossible to use!  The menus aren’t really menus - you need to press several buttons to get anything and it’s really hard to tell what you’ve selected - never mind that the volume controls aren’t marked at all and like the Express it’s impossible to see the read out outdoors!

Nice to hear that one as well, yes putting in memroycard to the express sometimes does the trick, I also enjoy Sansa player just like you do. :wink:

I freaked out today a little though because it quit working all of a sudden and I thought - right - of course I just posted that it works!  But when I got home and took out the card and plugged it into the computer it came back.

Really annoying.

No problem, any information that you can encounter and sharing in the post would be greatly appreciated. :wink: