Taskbar icon and defrag?

I purchased my SanDisk ReadyCache mostly based on the review it received in HardOCP.com    


In the article it mentions the software from Condusive includes the Titan Defrag Engine.  It’s been 4 days now and I can’t find any evidence that any defragging is happening.  What’s going on with defrag?

Also, when I installed the ReadyCache software it installed without any problems.  However, whenever I boot the computer, the taksbar icon doesn’t show up for almost 2 minutes.  The caching program and service are running, just no taskbar icon for almost 2 minutes.  What’s up with the taskbar icon?


well for defrag was your disk fragmented to begin with? if not then it has no reason to defrag. basically the way it works is that if fragmentation is detected the defrag engine will defrag it. this process is done in the background and you should not see any impact on system performance. 

the sys trey icon is only for the GUI. the service is actually started at boot. on my machine the sys trey icon does not come up unless i open the GUI. 

My drive was/is fragmented.  It was about 8% when I installed 7 days ago.  As I write this it’s 18% fragmented and I’m running Defragler to clean it up. 

The article and other things I read about ReadyCache software was that it maintained the hard dirve much like  Diskeeper from Condusive does.  Is that the case?  If not, what “defrag management” does the ExpressCache program do?

the software is from condusive and is exactly the same as Diskeeper only with a GUI so it uses the exact same technology including the Titan defrag engine.

Ok, when does it start working because I can’t see or measure any evidence of the defrag engine doing anything?  Is there some other software I need to install? Is there some non-obvious way to run the defrag software?

I ran the trial version of Diskeeper for a month and it was easy to see it’s effects when I checked the fragmentation of my disk.  Is there any documentation on the defrag software?  There is no mention of it in the ReadyCache documentation. 

The defragmentation feature, from Condusiv, is an embedded technology within the ReadyCache/ExpressCache product sold and distributed by SanDisk. This feature will actively remove fragmentation, on the HDD only, as the system is performing it’s normal operations. This is run as a background task and with only run when the system has cycles to spare. There is no user interface or documentation for this featured technology.