taking songs from e-250 to pc

is it possible to take music off my e-250 and put it on my pc i guess you call it reverse sync? snarehead 123

How did you put it on? With Windows Media Player?

Connect it and find it in Windows Explorer (Computer or My Computer). Find your music and see if you can copy-and-paste it onto your computer. 

Files from subscription services (Napster, Rhapsody) can’t be moved. 

all my music is from wmp 11 my old laptop died but i have the hard drive but my e-250 has tunes from my old laptop and i wondered if i could reverse sync my tunes on to my new pc . is it possible?

Do it manually. You should be able to use drag-and-drop as explained above, unless the songs came from subscription services on your previous computer.  Those can only be moved through WMP or Rhapsody because they have hidden digital-rights information.

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WiMP11 can be your friend.  Plug in the Sansa, and press the Sync Tab.

Have a quick look at the sync pane in the lower right.   If you click on the Internal Memory listing in the folder tree on the left, read what you see in that sync pane.

It will state “copy files from device”.  Bob’s your uncle!

Windows Media Player will transfer your devices files back to the PC library on the new machine just fine.  I use this function regularly, as I have a whole gaggle of Sansas.  You can also use simple drag and drop if you wish, but if you manage your files using WiMP, this is the best way to bring your library up to date.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

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thanks bob but my new computer has windows 7 and the music player looks different i can sync music on my sansas but i dont know how to put them back on my pc. i tried your sync tab idea but the new music player doesnt have the same sync tabs my vista had.

Ah, Windows 7 and the new WiMP12.  Well then!  The interface of WiMP12 is a bit different, I don’t know why they did that, after all the headaches users endured with the predecessors, myself included.  As I write this I’m using Splashtop, so the Windows interface is sleeping.  I’ll boot in Win7 later this morning,and let’s have a look at the “new” method with WiMP12.

For some reason, the Rip tab is elusive on my installation, despite the available CD-R drive plugged in.  Looks like a little adventure…


Back in WIndows 7 later today.  Opened WiMP12, clicked on the Sync tab.  In the left of the GUI you will see the Sansa Fuze Internal Memory listing on the device tree.  Click on this, then browse for your desired music.  Drag and drop to the Sync Pane on the right, just like WiMP11.  Transferred three albums over just for fun.

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thanks bob, did what you said and it worked excellent! all my music is now on my new laptop!:manvery-happy: