sansa e 250r drivers and sync

hi ]

i am using sansa e250 r i dont have drivers cd with me and i dont know how to connect device to pc and how to transfer audio and video songs from pc to mp3 player and how to sync mp3 player neeed help urgently

You don’t need the CD. There were no drivers on it.

Set the USB setting to MSC (in Settings on your player), plug it into your computer with the cable, Open Windows Explorer; you’ll see 2 new drives (one for the player, another for the card slot). Double-click on the player’s icon to open up the root directory. You should see various folders, one of which will be Music.

Now open up another Explorer window & navigate to to music on your computer (It’s probably in My Music). Drag & drop the files you want from your computer over to the player’s Music folder.

You should probably read the User’s Guide too.