Tagged songs showing up in "Unknown Artist"?

I recently cleared off all of my Fuze+ and put all my music back on after going through all my songs and retagging them correctly/fully

There are about 30 songs in the Music/Unknown Artist/Unknown Album that are correctly tagged and when i play them it says all of the information; album, artist, and title. But it is in the Unknown Artist section anyways?

Anybody have any suggestions?

Also, some music simply doesn’t have album art despite being tagged with it. Any suggestions there as well?


Are the 30 songs in the ‘Unknown’ category the same format ID3 tags as the others? The best format is ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1. If the tags on these songs are v1 or (plain) v2, the info may still display while the song is playing, but may get shuffled into the ‘Unknown’ designation during the database refresh after loading.

MP3Tag is a great utility for checking and/or editing ID3 tags.

I can confirm that the following method works for me (finally):

  1. Download and install Mp3tag (I’m using v. 2.48)

  2. “Change” or “Add” the directory in which the mp3s reside

  3. Make certain you have data for “Artist”, “Album Artist”, and “Album” (fill in if needed)

  4. Select all mp3s and click the “Save” icon (or right-click them and choose “Save tag”)

  5. Transfer back to your Sansa device